dark_noldor's George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones #12 review

Lions and Wolves (this is not a NFL match)

Things are brewing in Westeros, when it's two biggest families, the Lannisters and the Starks, are at their throats, in what will prove to be the beginning of a bloody war. But before all that gore, a little Wolf puppy enjoys the little Lion's gift: the ability to ride a horse again. I really enjoyed how the creative team took it's time to tell Brandon's story in this issue and though there were some mild changes from the original book, I do believe the sequence in Wolfswood was done marvelous. Bran's story was a third of this issue, then, after meeting Osha, a wildling who will play a major role in his life, the story is switched over to Tyrion, who's facing a most dire accusation from Lisa Arryn - Catelyn's sister (Catelyn is Lord Eddard Stark's wife): killing his husband, the former Hand of the King, and plotting to assassinate Bran with a dagger of his own.We get to see a little of the dwarfs mind in action,his weapon as he always likes to point out, in a desesperate attempt of leaving the Eyre's skycells, terror when it comes to a prison model: the Eyre is at the top of a high mountain, so it's cells (prisons) are made of dungeons without walls, just a long plunge into the sky if you try to escape them, a very interesting concept. I really like Tommy Patterson's art, I believe he gives the characters the necessary expressions, pays attention to the details and has a nice style of storytelling, but also I felt that the lacked the kind of due imagination to create impressive scenes and concepts to this issue, also it felt like he put more effor in Bran's scenes and in Tyrion's scenes he slacked a little. This issue ended with Eddard Stark, showing that maybe his curiosity involving the mystery behind Lord Arryn's death may prove to be fatal to him also. Game of Thrones, despite the problem of delays, continues to be a good comic book adaptation of an incredible, rich and interesting novel that I really recommend for those who like fantasy stories!

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Posted by johnkmccubbin91

I was getting this series but dropped it a couple of issues prior, not as good as the book, or TV series. Good review though

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