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Not much is known about George's past other then that he is an all-around good guy, is married and has been working for the CIA since the mid-1950's, when he was partnered with veteran Nick Fury. The two of them, despite their age-difference, became good partners and friends for life.


George Hatherly was created by Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov, and first appeared in Fury Max #1 (2012).

Mayor Story Arcs

1950's - French Indochina

In the 1950's, Nick Fury was partnered with George Hatherly during his time with the CIA. George and Nick met for the first time in a bar in French Indochina, just before the Vietnam war would break out. They also met a woman named Shirley DeFabio in the bar whom would become a great ally to them in the years to come. While George was still a rookie, he learned fast thanks to Nick. He accompanied Nick during their mission and where sent to the base of the French Major Lallement, a base that was trying to secure the cities from Vietcong attacks. Here George found out that an ex-Nazi named Sergeant Cheff Steinhoff was working with the French, something he could not agree on. George attacked the ex-Nazi, but was put in his place by him. The rest of the mission became a disaster, with George and Nick being the only one of a handful of survivors when their base was attacked by the Vietcong. George and Nick became good friends, despite their age difference and difference in character, since George was very kind-hearted.

1960's - Cuba

Some years later, in the 1960's, George and Nick where assigned together on another mission, to execute Fidel Castro in Cuba. Before the mission, George told Nick that he had become a father. George and Nick where deployed in Cuba, but the mission was a total disaster and the regime was not stopped. Nick and George failed to kill Castro, but managed to give a huge blow to the Communist regime before they escaped the island of Cuba.

1970's - Vietnam

Some years later, in 1970, George and Nick are asked to once again travel to Vietnam to take out a Vietcong general they had met years before, Captain Letrong Giap. George, expecting now his fifth child, tells Nick he no longer has the staumouch for it and asks to be his radio contact in the base while Nick performs the mission with Frank Castle. When the mission seemed to have become a disaster with both Nick Furt and Frank Castle being captured, the U.S. ordered an airstrike, witch would most definitely kill Nick and Frank too. George was shocked by this and shared this information with Shirley DeFabio, whom had come by him for a surprise visit. Both George and Shirley made themselves strong to call of the airstrike. Shirley called her husband Senator McCuskey, whom told them he would do anything he could to call of the airstrike, but lied.Luckily and to the releave of George, both Nick and Frank made it out alive, despite Senator McCuskey.

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