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Lieutenant Junior Grade

Geordi LaForge was Born in 2335 in the African Confederation. LaForge was one of only a few people in the Federation to have some form of disability.  In this case he was born blind due to an unknown birth defect, though he received a visor which aided his vision at the age of five it was painful and caused him constant pain.
After Geordi left  Zefram Cochrane High School in 2353, he joined Starfleet Academy and began to excel in engineering, after graduating he was given the rank of ensign and assigned to the U.S.S. Victory, where he would play a vital part in the investigation into the disappearance of a Federation colony on the planet Tarchannen III in 2362. 
Geordi's next assignment was on the U.S.S. Hood, where he would meet William T Riker, though they didn't know each other that well. Some time after this, La Forge was assigned to shuttle Captain Jean-Luc Picard for an inspection on a star ship, during the flight, Picard remarked that the shuttle's engines were not as efficient as they should be, after the shuttle had reached it's destination, La Forge had reportedly stayed up all night to refit the shuttles engine coils. After hearing what he had done, Captain Picard offered La Forge a place on the Enterprise crew. 


Geordi La Forge was created for the Star Trek: The Next Generation television show created by Gene Roddenberry.  He was one of only a few characters to have some form of disability.  His visor was modeled after the Banana hair clips that were worn at the time of it's creation.

Character Evolution

Lieutenant Commander

In 2364, La Forge had reached the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and was assigned as the conn officer to the U.S.S. Enterprise, though he did get the opportunity to take command of the Enterprise in orbit of the planet Minos.  While the other senior officers were on the planet's surface, a cloaked drone in orbit attacks the ship. Geordi is forced to separate the saucer section so that he can find the drone and destroy it. Once the away team return to the ship, Captain Picard tells Geordi that he won't take back command of the Enterprise until he brings the two parts of the ship together. 
In 2365, Geordi was promoted to a full lieutenant and given the position as chief engineer, he was promoted a year later to the rank of Lieutenant Commander after the Enterprise's main computer is infected by a computer virus which was downloaded from the U.S.S. Yomato another Galaxy-class starship that was destroyed due to a loss of antimatter containment. With only seconds to spare, Geordi and Lieutenant Commander Data find a way to purge the ship's systems of the virus thereby ensuring that the ship did not explode. 

Geordi's Ocular Implants

While investigating the remains of orelious XI, the Enterprise finds a Promelian Battle Cruiser, going in to investigate, the ship gets caught up in a Menthar booby trap which quickly begins draining the ships power, so they cannot escape. Looking to fix the solution, Geordi creates a holodeck program which recreates the Utopia Planetia starbase where the Enterprise was built, he also instructs the computer to re-create the woman who designed the Galaxy-Class starship: Dr Leah Brahms. The two worked together to solve the problem, but Geordi became attracted to the hologram. 
Nearly a year later in 2367, Geordi would meet the real Dr Brahms, who would turn out be unfriendly and married, nevertheless, the two worked together to solve a problem with the engines, though things whet further down hill, when Brahms discovered Geordi's holodeck program containing her holographic double.
Geordi served on the Enterprise D until it's destruction after seven years of service.  He then went to the Enterprise E and served there for a long time as well.  he was not on the Enterprise E long before he got ocular implants that allowed him to see much better than he was ever able to in the past.

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