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Geoffrey Wilder, lived in Malibu with his wife and son, Alex Wilder.  He was a strict yet loving father, but he had led a secret double life.  He was the strategic leader of an underground group of criminals known as The Pride.  Together with his wife and five other couples who had made a pact with The Gibborim, Geoffrey Wilder ruled Los Angeles, with informants and contacts in every branch of the public & emergency services.  Part of their agreement with The Gibborim was to annually provide the soul of a human sacrifice, of which Wilder was the one who executed the killing blow.  It was during this Blood of Rite that The Pride had been observed by their own children who then all run away from home.

It was Geoffrey's son Alex who led the team of Runaways.  Unbeknownst to Geoffrey it was Alex who acted as a mole for The Pride.  Alex had previously discovered a plot to murder his parents, and in loyalty to his parents he had schemed a plot to collect the weapons and powers of his teenage friends to save his family.  However, during the Rite of Thunder the soul of a murdered girl was released by Molly Hayes' exceptional mutant strength, and Alex was killed by The Gibborim.  In his last moments, Geoffrey Wilder was distraught over the death of his son, and died along with the rest of The Pride in the underwater Vivarium.

Alex, Son

It was later revealed that a time-displaced version of Geoffrey Wilder from 1985 disguised himself as Chamber to infiltrate the Loners in order to get information on Runaways.  He had intended to sacrifice Nico Minoru's soul to the Gibborim in exchange for saving his wife and Alex from death.  His plans were thwarted by the runaways and their (at the time) newest member, Xavin.  Not one to be defeated easily, Wilder threatened to kill Chase Stein, in the subsequent exchange he murdered Gertude Yorkes instead.  Nico then used her magic to wipe Geoffrey's mind and returned him to 1985 where he had no idea what had happened to him.

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