Geoff Johns the President Supreme of DC Comics

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 Soon to replace current DC Editors


What would DC look like in 2010? 
wrote some great stuff but I do have a little problem with him, one is that he can't pass a story without shoving Superboy Prime right into the middle of it

and too many fans think DC has been on the wrong track but could Geoff Johns fix it ?
or is he totally the wrong guy for the wrong job?

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all I have to say is just read Blackest Night and tell me if you think he is going to make or break DC... I think it is pretty obvious that Geoff Johns is working on some of the best comics out there right now. Enough said

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Ease up on Superboy and he so should be.

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I think that he is one of, if not the best writer that DC has. I don't think that DC is on the wrong track but I do think that it would be even better if Johns had more control of the stories.
 @ARMIV said:

" Ease up on Superboy. "
I agree with this, sure he may be whiny and annoying now(I actually like him) but what if Johns is planning something. Look at Blackest Night, that was about 5 years of planning and prep. before he got down to it. Who knows maybe Prime could be able to redeem himself, it is Geoff Johns writing after all, if anyone can make something at the bottom and make it great it's him.
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@ARMIV said:

" Ease up on Superboy and he so should be. "

He's gonna drag DC kicking and screaming back to the Silver Age
As ridiculous as Geoff Johns can be he's nothing compared to the random nonsense that is Bendis

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