Geoff Johns Steps Down as GREEN LANTERN Writer

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I am so glad he isn't leaving Aquaman! The best comic I have in my pull. I was just thinking the other day if Johns were to leave Aquaman I was most likely going to stop getting it! Sorry all you GL fans.

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I will need months of therapy !!! Thanks for the great run ---wipes

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Time to move on I guess but even so... :'(

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This is crazy. At one point I heard Johns say in an interview that he had a five year plan for GL. I hope he passes down some of his ideas to the next writer, so some material can live on. I started really reading comics with GL trades, so I wish for good things to come to the Green Lantern titles

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First the Pope, now this. Strange days.

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@alex6166 said:

First the Pope, now this. Strange days.

Geoff Johns eyeing for the position of Pope confirmed

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really going to miss this guy on GL but i thin this is the right decision....better to leave on an exceptionally high note than to ruin a perfect run...

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Although it's time for someone else to have a shot at Green Lantern, I will still miss Geoff Johns on this series, as he got me into Green Lantern, and I can't thank him enough for the brilliant stories he's produced over the years.

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@darkrider said:


@The Stegman said: did not see this coming at all.

@Icarusflies said:


@doordoor123 said:

This is bullish*t.

And this list just go's on and on... But I'll add too : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

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I look on the bright side he said he will concentrate on JL which means we are about to get incredible JL work.

ToA is great until now and his plans with the Grid and the return of Despero looks awesome :-)

Even though i cannot picture GL without Johns :-P

He has been the writer for GL since before i read DC

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I thought of something like this already last week. Really nonplused about it, at least he's still writing Aquaman. Who knows? He might be writing something else.

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This is a bummer, but the good news is that Johns did SO well in evolving the GL universe that his fingerprints will be all over the GL lore forever. He has really taken the GL mythos over and made it his own, and for that I'm happy. He has really been my favorite writer for the past 15 years (his run on Flash was AMAZING as well), and I'm excited to see where he goes to next =)

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Awesome writer and what a tremendous run, his work made me appreciate The Green Lantern.

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@Gambit1024: Yay, I touched on that as well. I wonder what is going on? I don't think they would up and cancel every series, I mean if red lanterns is still around then the other books can't be doing too bad.

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hmmmm.. PREDICTION!!! Vibe will get cancelled (hope it does -_-, him in JLA is enough already), leaving johns on 3 books!!! JLA, JL, Aquafresh... if he decides on doing a fourth.... PLEASE LET IT BE SHAZAM WITH GARY FRANK PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE ARHHARHAHRHHAH GODD MY FARTHH SMELLS D.....X

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Does this mean we cant have brown lanterns now? LOL I have no idea why people are so bummed,Johns GL has been mediocre since Brightest Day,Rise of the Third Army is garbage.Now I can finally read a GL story where the Lanterns fight proper villains and not rainbows.

Still Geoff did a lot of world building and Sinestro Corps is one of the best cosmic stories ever written.

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@entropy_aegis: Some of us value what Johns has contributed to the GL universe. And seriously can you think of 5 good non Lantern related villains for Hal? Bet you can't :P

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@Zeeguy91 said:

@AtPhantom: Yeah, he's really not, though. He used to be my favorite writer a few years ago, but since then, I've had a few favorite writers. I'd say my favorite writer right now is a toss up between Scott Snyder, Brian Azzarello, or Mark Waid. I still respect Geoff John, though, and I respect peoples' opinion of him.

I would honestly say the same if this was news about any writer leaving a title, even if I didn't like him. If Scott Lobdell left Teen Titans tomorrow, even though I hate the direction that title has taken under him, I wouldn't post saying that his run was utter garbage because some fans might get offended. I have no problem with people saying how they feel, I just have a problem with the way they've gone about doing it, which has basically been responding to fans and basically telling them that they liked garbage.

I'll say it again: Nobody died.

I probably seem like a condescending asshole for constantly repeating this, but I'm only doing it because you keep insisting the same rules apply here and on funerals! You don't want to share your opinions on such threads because you don't want to hurt someone's feelings? Fine. I think your political correctness needs a kick in the butt but that's your prerogative. But the idea that I or anyone else can't voice their opinion in this thread because it would be disrespectful to fans is beyond insane. Anyone who feels offended by what was said here and can't handle someone thrash talking their favorite piece of literature should go outside, take a deep breath and set their priorities straight because they're the ones something is wrong with.

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@Lvenger said:

@entropy_aegis: Some of us value what Johns has contributed to the GL universe. And seriously can you think of 5 good non Lantern related villains for Hal? Bet you can't :P

I cant think of them even after Johns lol.

Sinestro,Krona,Anti-monitor and Nekron are classic villains,same goes for Mongul and Cyborg Supes,Larfleeze and Atrocitus are hardly villains at this point.

Leaves us with lame fear bug Parallax and this Volthoom guy.

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@Lvenger said:

@entropy_aegis: Some of us value what Johns has contributed to the GL universe. And seriously can you think of 5 good non Lantern related villains for Hal? Bet you can't :P

I can't name 5 good lantern villains either. ;)

EDIT: Damn, Entropy beat me to it.

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@entropy_aegis:@AtPhantom: The best one I can think of is Evil Star. And that guy is lame as hell.

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@AtPhantom: @Lvenger: Mind you the classics never lived up to the hype,what did Nekron do? what did Anti-monitor do? what did Krona do?

Johns wrote Mongul and Cyborg Superman combined for ONLY 4 issues,he gets a lot of credit for other writers work.

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The only issue I've read of Johns' GL run is #0. That said, I plan on reading his run from the very beginning very soon.

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@entropy_aegis: It's because he has a thing for 'revitalising' classic villains. Some like Sinestro are a success. Others like Cheetah, not so much.

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Sad to see him leave green lantern seeing as hi was the one who got me back into comics during the blackest night event

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Another $7.99 price tag for "special issue" with a bunch of worthless filler material thrown in the back. That's a real nice thank you from DC to fans. Thanks for supporting this title now give us your money. Same crap they are pulling in Detective 19.

I guess they noticed the sales figures for the equally egregious ASM 700 and decided to get in line.

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I'm not sad to see him go. And i'm pretty curious to see which direction will take the new writer.

#180 Posted by Ren_ (2272 posts) - - Show Bio

@CrashofRhinos said:

I guess they noticed the sales figures for the equally egregious ASM 700 and decided to get in line.

This is exactly what it is. I was actually talking with my boss about it the other day. They're issues that in the past, would have been 4/5.99, but now that they know people will pay more for it, they're gonna charge it.

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@Lvenger said:

@entropy_aegis: Some of us value what Johns has contributed to the GL universe. And seriously can you think of 5 good non Lantern related villains for Hal? Bet you can't :P

Star Sapphire and Black Hand werent always Lanterns. Major Disaster, Shark, Doctor Polaris, and Replikon were cool. we havnt seen nearly enough of the Mark Richards and Goldface could be revamped in a way similar to the GL:Tas comic version

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Combined with the fact that this and practically every other creative person behind the Green Lantern Family titles are stepping down like after issue 20, I must say it seems like dark times ahead....well maybe not totally since it means Milligan is stepping down from Red Lanterns too. Still, real sad to find out about this.

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Johns, you're a little early for April Fools Day.

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Finally. Maybe GL will be worth reading again.


Nah, probably not.

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Thank god for Larfleeze!!!!

#186 Posted by falcon10 (42 posts) - - Show Bio

that sucks

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I'm hoping that with Volthoom released Johns will incorporate him into a Justice League/Crime Syndicate story. :D

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It is Geoff that has made green lantern good these last few years. Ever since I read a dusty volume of sinestro corps war and learned about the other corps I was hooked for years. Normally I don't pay any attention to writers. I just ignore their names altogether. But even I noticed his name on the good green lantern stuff. The last few years have made green lantern arguably the most popular series. I mourn the departure of the one writer who's name I know.
Look at it this way, He left something amazing, and it would take the worst writer ever to screw it up.

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Three issues of various series written by Johns have been pushed back recently. Aquaman #19 got pushed back one week, while Justice League of America #3 and Green Lantern #20 got pushed back three. The thing that bothers me is- Green Lantern #20 was originally supposed to be released before the #20 issues of Green Lantern Corps and Green Lantern: New Guardians, yet now is being released after both. Should I wait and read these issues after GL#20 comes out, or is the reason DC delayed it so that these stories could be read first? I'm surprised no one at DC has commented on that.

Also just want to do my part so nobody has a heart attack when they go to pick up their pull-list on May 22. They mentioned it will be an extra-sized issue, but that certainly doesn't mean the price will remain constant. Check out the sale price on the DC Comics web-site. This issue alone will put each of us back a whopping $7.99.

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