Does anyone like him?

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From what I've seen a lot of people on here don't like Geoff Johns.

Which maybe I can understand. I personally don't have a problem with him. Sure, he pushed Wally and Kyle to the back and brought back Hal and Barry. Which I imagine is because he can't let go of his childhood. I sure do like Kyle better than Hal.

But you've gotta give him something. I've really enjoyed Justice League and Aquaman so far. And I love and own both Blackest Night and Infinite Crisis.

So what do you think? Love him? Hate him? What's your opinion?

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Yes people do.

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This is the internet, everyone bitch about something.

I have plenty of problems with his style of writing, but in the end he writes fun stories.

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He's not a bad writer I just don't like his treatment of certain characters

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Are you kidding? I love the man. Aquaman quickly rose up to being one of my all-time favorite superheroes because of him.

The only things that he grinded my gears about were neglecting Kyle Rayner and the whole Martian Manhunter not being a part of the original JLA roster thing, but because of Aquaman, all is forgiven.

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Love Johns stuff, especially the GL stuff. Blackest NIght, War of the Green Lanterns and Flashpoint were all fantastic. Brightest Day was good for the most part... til the anti-climactic Captain Planet ending. But yeah, it's the internet were liking anything is lame and haters are wayyy too vocal.

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@joshmightbe said:

He's not a bad writer I just don't like his treatment of certain characters

This says it all. He's a good writer, he just doesn't treat certain characters well. He's like one of those teachers in elementary school who clearly shows favoritism and makes the non-favorites feel like shit (in this case, makes the non-favorites cease to exist.)@Atomic_Punk said:

Love Johns stuff, especially the GL stuff. Blackest NIght, War of the Green Lanterns and Flashpoint were all fantastic. Brightest Day was good for the most part... til the anti-climactic Captain Planet ending. But yeah, it's the internet were liking anything is lame and haters are wayyy too vocal.

I HATED the end of Brightest Day. I was like WTF MATE.

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I don't understand how he's mistreated Kyle and Wally by not writing them....if you were a comic book writer of his stature wouldn't you write away to bring your favorite characters back and put them in the spotlight? of course you would....that's the whole point of becoming a comic book you can write your favorite characters

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I gripe about him sometimes but at the end of the day I like him and his stories.

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I like him.

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I like him... look what he did to Aquaman dude.

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sure he has fans.

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As a marvel fan i don't really read alot of DC stuff but if i do it tends to be Geoff Johns stuff and think he is a very good writer and would love to see him improve some of the marvel issues !!!

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@ombla2 said:

I like him... look what he did to Aquaman dude.

Right, respect. Guy has done a lot for Lantern over the past few years. A character I didn't care for at all for a year ago. Same as Aquaman, his work on Aquaman right now is literally making that character worth something for the first time.

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He has work that I don't like but that doesn't take away from the fact that he's done good with Green Lantern (Sinestro fan) and Aquaman.

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His work on Green Lantern and Justice Society was fantastic. He's brought Aquaman back into style again and his stories for the most part are fun. Brightest Day I hated immensely and whilst I've grown to like Hal and Barry as Green Lantern and the Flash again, the fact that Kyle and Wally have been shoved aside seems like a poor move.

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He reinvents characters with a cluttered history that have become uninteresting and makes it accessible to new readers. I love the man.

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Geoff is fantastic.

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i 2nd that

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Me with Geoff Johns. All arguments against him are invalid.
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i dont think he has a good imagination. the creation of the rainbow corps was ridiculous, its like something a twelve year old would come up with. his writing is extremely predictable and immature, plus his dialogue is laughable sometimes. the first arc on jl was a complete disaster, i honestly cant understand how people can say otherwise. aquaman is ok but not good. i wonder if the people who say its great have actually read it or just the solicitalions. "oooooh he made aquaman cool" this is just not true. he walks out of a restaraunt in a huff because some guy said he was no ones favourite hero then later when a kid said he was his fave hero, he started crying! not cool.

#22 Posted by scuzz2.0 (275 posts) - - Show Bio

he said no one had ever written about why atlantis sunk but i thought i read something about that before. cant be sure tho

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I do.

I know others that don't.

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I read people writing they like his GL work because it made it accessible and some didn't even care for GL till Geof. Thats cool I guess. To hell with the fans who enjoyed all the years of cannon he decided just to chuck out the window. To hell with character development. Let just retcon everything.

I see people writing that he's made Aquaman a great character. Aquaman has always been a great character. Please see Aquaman vol.2, the Atlantis Chronicles, Justice, and Grant Morrison's JLA (among others). You know, it's sorta unfair to say a character has never been good if you've never read the character.

His new JLA best. I don't think people realize how much having Jim Lee's art helps.

I try not to hate on him to much because really there's nothing I can do about it, but since you asked my opinion, I think the man is a hack. Johns is to comics what Michael Bay is movies. They both love lots of explosions, make alot of money, sh*t all over anything that's come before them, and pander to people who don't want to think to hard and love the obvious (not that there's anything wrong with being one of those people). Is everything he's done terrible? No. Everyone has a good day at least now and again.

Yellow space cockroach. There's no point ranting about it individually since I covered the general idea. Just imagine I said those three words with utter disdain.

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He's awesome!

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It depends. He wrote one of my all time favorite Superman stories, so he can't be all bad.

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Geoff is awesome! He brought me into comics

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He ruined the Teen Titans, yes they sold well, but he tuned what had became a group of young heroes trying to make things on their own right(like Wolfman and Perez made them) into a JL tribute band(like in the sixties) where everymember must be a sidekick or rip off of an adult superhero. And individualy he tuned Casey and Bart(who had their own personalities) in to cheap knock offs of Donna Troy and Wally West just to resemble pre- crisis on Infinite Earths Teen Titans.

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Solid writer. No problems with the man.

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I need Johns to do what he did with GL to Cyborg. NOW JOHNS!!!!!

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I've grown to admire his writing after reading a few of his titles.

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Personally, Johns is my favorite writer. I loved Sinestro Corps War, Blackest Night, Green Lantern Rebirth, Flash Rebirth, Infinite Crisis, JSA Thy Kingdom Come, Booster Gold 52 Pick Up, Aquaman. However, his work of new 52 Justice League is... well, I don't hate it, but it's not my favorite Johns' work.

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made some very good books, helped push DC in solid directions

but he is easily one of the worst Batman writers


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