How gentlemanish is he really?

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It may be that it`s only an ironic nickname, but I wanna know.

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I'd say he's pretty "gentlemanish".
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We'll he's british, so he has to be "gentlemanish" (stereo type, of course)

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While Jim Craddock did come from England, he'd moved America, where he continued his career as a bandit and a con-artist, and was hung by gunfighter Hannibal "Nighthawk" Hawkes, who thought he was trying to make a move on his partner Cinnamon. This wasn't true (and, as Craddock made clear to Hawkman in the fourth volume, "A gentleman never oversteps his boundaries with the fairer sex."), but it was only after Craddock has been hung that Nighthawk learned the truth from Cinnamon about what happened: that he hadn't tried to rape her, and was only guilty of trying to steal her most valuble posession, that being her sherrif father's golden badge, and when she discovered him, that they'd simply ended up having a scuffle.

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