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Recollecting the three volumes of Genshiken, Omnibus 2 tells the story of a collection of college kids who are so otaku (hardcore fan), even the regular on-campus anime and manga clubs won't have anything to do with them. A manga classic from several years ago, this is a great change for readers to get reintroduced to the series before the new manga starts in the fall.

Back Blurb

When Madarame resigns from office as president of Genshiken, he selects Kanji as the best candidate to take his place. As the new president, Kanji attempts to shake the sluggish members of Genshiken out of the apathy by proposing they create a fanzine to sell at the next Comic-Fest. When Genshiken is accepted as an official vendor at the summer Comic-Fest, they find themselves with a deadly short deadline to create a real doujinshi. Can President Sasahara get his slacker constituents to level up their productivity?

Collects Genshiken volumes 4-6.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 19: Punishment
  • Chapter 20: Members In Exile
  • Chapter 21: Happy New Year
  • Chapter 22: The Re-Birth of Genshiken
  • Chapter 23: Space Channel #2
  • Chapter 24: New Unbalance
  • Chapter 25: Dive * Dive * Dive!
  • Chapter 26: Applied Theory of Madarame's Shopping Method
  • Chapter 27: Stay On Target
  • Chapter 28: The First Ever "We've Hardly Got Any Pages Done Yet-Conic-Fest Strategy Meeting"
  • Chapter 29: Little Big Sight 1
  • Chapter 30: Little Big Sight 2
  • Chapter 31: Kashimashi Musume +1
  • Chapter 32: In Their Own World
  • Chapter 33: Transformation!
  • Chapter 34: A One-Way Ticket On The Fantasy Express
  • Chapter 35: The Flying Futon
  • Chapter 36: Graduation Syndrome







Story Arcs

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