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Byron Jones was a skinny putz growing up. He married the first girl he slept with right out of highschool. He worked security at a nuclear plant where he had no friends. Since he was too much of a loser to hang out with any of the other guards, he sat alone by the reactor everyday. He hated everything about his life except for his son. He loved his son more than anything in the world. His neighbors had a dog that was always getting loose and barking at the kids but Byron never had the guts to tell them to lock it up. He called the police every day but they never came. One day he came back from work to see that the dog had gotten loose. He found it eating the intestines of his dead son and he snapped. The years by the reactor had changed his body, made him stronger and invulnerable, but he had never realized it since it happened over time. He didn't notice until the dog bit his arm and broke it's teeth. He killed the animal then slaughtered it's owners. Then he killed his wife for sitting around the house drunk while their son died. The police finally came to lock him up but he killed them too, their bullets just bounced off him. He got into a life of crime and became one of Tao's men and Holden Carver's best friend.

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