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I know it's only the first issue but what do you think so far? This is one of those things that most fanfics and online RP's are about, the children of the X-Men. Now we get to see Marvel's take on the whole idea. I wonder if the bad guys will be children of villians and such, and how far they're willing to go with it. I honestly can't wait for the second issue. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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Thanks for your beautiful insight?  I don't think you'd care to elaborate some on it?

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its a good story with good characters

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I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Though I didn't mind X-Men: The End either. Rico's awesome.

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I haven't read the first mini series but i've read all of Genext United and I would really like if they could continue this series! And hopefully find a way to bring Rogue back!!! Also I loved X-men The End (except for Gambit-ish  and Rogue dying)  
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Two words - Wasted Potential. Especially the mess they've made in the second series.

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