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The young heroes of GeNext delve deep into the mystery surrounding the attack on Mumbai. What connection do these evil machines have with Rico and his past? AND what life-changing danger will befall them when they uncover the truth? Trust us, GeNext will never be the same! Join the next generation of X-Men as legendary X-Scribe Chris Claremont and amazing artist Jonboy Meyers spin a tale of young adventurers coming into their own.

 Sophie is brought back to hero hq for interrogation and Skanda and beast meet again. We learn Skanda is a god much like thor and also that India is where beast and Cecelia got series. He ask the tema and sati to find out what they can as him and hank interrogate Sophie. She protest but her father has already been contacted and he has no problem with it. The team checks in on Megan who is recovering well even though no one knows how she could be taken down so easily. She retorts her mom wont be happy while beats says he did well. Her and oli talk as she confides that kalima breached all her defense as if they were nonexistent and she’s unsure if she will be able to help if they must face her again. Oli says no matter what he will always save her and the two kiss.

No-Name feels useless as she realizes that she never was as she thought the team “brain”. Rico shares his history with Sophie which mirrors his granddad and her fathers, they were friends and the  ended enemies (he doesn’t explain why she would kiss him though). They were both thirteen year old wonders of the world going to MIT for a doctorate at that age. After Sophie’s experiments end badly he protects them with his powers but both get booted and his dad send him to Xavier’s and she apparently returned home to dad. Sati visits Megan and touches her why? She does not know but says she often does things she cant explain but they always work out right.

To get some answer they change into civilian clothes to check where Sophie got her equipment. Megan remains in telepathic communion with them all incase of danger. The interrogation does not go well as Sophie sticks to her story while Beast looks on. The kids arrive at the black market and Rico finds a man who knows the details of Sophie’s transaction but wont spill the beans. He wonders if megan can pick his brain to which oli says she’s not up to it. No-Name then talks to the man and is able to get the information and the address they need, Sophie was lying and they now know her base of operations.

They get to the warehouse and find robot parts to match those they faced before. At this point Sophie shows a hologram of them to beats and skanda saying the kids are better than she expected. She transforms into kalima and unleashes a spell that causes skanda and bets to battle each other, Megan tries to stop this but is affected by the spell as well.

In the warehouse kalima teleports in and cast the same spell turning the team on each other. Only oli and Sati are unaffected he reaches for her and absorbs her power, he gets flashes of varying images he cant understand and transforms his team including Megan into Indians and teleports them in different directions. Kalima is furious and demands to know what has happened. Sati does not know but kalima says the children  and their souls will still be hers and they will all suffer. Sati meanwhile thinks yes they will suffer but they will win!

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