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Up against the most unexpected of adversaries in an effort to save one of their own, GeNEXT isn’t going to give up without a fight! The amazing conclusion of the miniseries revealing a world where time has passed for the X-Men in real time, written by legendary X-Scribe Chris Claremont, and drawn by the dynamic Patrick Scherberger! Will this newest class of X-Men survive their first time in the spotlight? 

 We have a fight issue. Genext vs. Shadow-x at first the kids hold their own till the superior teamwork of the enemies cause them to win. Shadow-x take no-name captive but are stopped from killing the kids by the genoshan Wicked who blocks evil cyks powers.

Oli meets with Megan on the astral plain as she sensed his danger, the two reminisce about the past and kiss. After this Megan says help wont reach them in time so they will have to go it on their own. As everyone slowly wakes up and with wicked’s help they locate their enemies they then do battle again and this time are victories. No-Name is reunited with her friends and they secure the evil team in shackles as they wait for a pick up to arrive, though they wonder if they will be expelled for all the trouble they caused.

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