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When one of their own is in trouble, the next generation of X-Men don’t turn to their parents and grandparents (the original and all-new X-Men)…GeNext takes care of their own. Follow Legendary X-Scribe Chris Claremont as he brings you the adventures of today’s X-Men, as if the team aged in real-time. This time, they’re on their own and out from under their predecessors’ shadows to do what they think is right: save their friend! 
Plus, back-up rarities from Marvel's X-vaults!   


The kids arrive at an airport and stock up on fuel, they get food  and pay for the gas while an embarrassed Bekka falls asleep on the john/toilet. Pavel tells them they will not speak of it again or answer to him. Then they most on over to Oli’s hometown of Valle Soleda where mutants have normal lives its also where he was born. The team bonds over food and what they have in common. Oli reveals him and his dad no longer talk because he’s decided to go to Xavier’s and that he’s dating Scotts’ daughter Megan and Gambit and Scott no longer get along since rogue died. Pavel is pretty much alone and Bekka has only pavel’s grandma and him. No-name has nobody and Rico doesn’t get along with dad nor granddad who have been superheroes.

Hey manage to track down no-name and find her with the neo’s shock-wave riders as her team and them fight she reveals they are her family. Bekka has been sensing being followed but rico never heeded her words as the battle gets heave optic beams and ice descend and a team of evil x-men descend on them. They swiftly teleport the team to genosha where they cant contact their teachers telepathically of otherwise.

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