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 Continuing the adventures of the newest generation of Xavier’s School of students in a world where the X-Men premiered in 1963 and aged in real time. This issue, we focus on a member who is the grandson of a familiar mutant hero. He might not like school, but he does enjoy his burgeoning romance with the team’s most mysterious member. Unfortunately for them both, her secret past is about rear its cybernetic head. 
Story opens with Pavel doing some mechanic work while No-Name chides him for not attending class. After a bit he kisses her and though she liked it she flees. Later he brings her artificial flowers and plants real ones outside her window so she can enjoy them for years to come. We see that she has a thing for him as well with the mini colossus plushie in her hand. She kicks him out when the phone rings and he asks his friends for help. They realize she has cut from school and they follow. At the meeting place she meets with the neo and its revealed they have a history. Her team saves her and the neo flee. The students get caught by local law enforcement and we see the heads of school. Scott and Emma as headmasters, Psylocke, beast and someone I don’t recognize they say she has the x-factor gene but no visible powers we also learn she has hidden her secrets well even from Emma and psylocke. They also question why the neo have returned now.

The kids comfort each other and Pavel brings a present to no-name who once again flees from him. He promises even though he knows not why she runs he wont let her face things alone.

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