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Genevieve Lawton was created by John Ostrander. She made her first appearance in Deadshot #3.


Genevieve Lawton is the wife of powerful George Lawton, and mother of Edward and Floyd Lawton.She however possessed a evil side and ends up being responsible for the crippling of her husband, employing lies to have her sons do the murder. However Floyd didn't fall for it while Edward did resulting in Edward paralyzing George and Edward's death at Floyd's hands when the tree branch he stood on fail causing him to shoot his brother in the face.Following this George refused to grant Genevieve a divorce, forcing her to move into a small home away from the large home making her into a recluse. Twenty years after this event she attempted to blackmail Deadshot into murdering his father by kidnapping his son,however Deadshot refused hunting the kidnappers resulting in his son's death.

He then set out to kill his mother arriving at her home when his therapist Marnie Herrs had arrived to gain answers of Deadshot's past. Marnie managed to talk Deadshot out of killing his mother, instead just crippling her with Marnie threatening her if she reveals anything about Deadshot and his involvement.

Major Story Arcs

Secret Six

While Flyod is retelling the story of how he first met Batman he mentions that his mother, Genevieve and father, George were at the costume party at Wayne Manor. Genevieve was dressed as a Roman Queen and George as a Roman Emperor. The couple are forced to leave early due to the fact that George couldn't stand to be near his son.

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