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While running from Sabretooth, who was hired by Herzog to retrieve the pendant, Genevieve was assisted by Gambit, who chased Sabretooth away. Sabretooth tracked them for days, while Gambit romanced her to get closer to the pendant. Eventually they got to know each other very well, and while she was sleeping, Gambit took L'Etroile du Tricherie from her bedside. Sabretooth, still lurking in the shadows, kidnapped Genevieve while Gambit made his way back to his brother Henri's apartment, jewel in hand. Unfortunately for him, Sabretooth had also kidnapped his brother. On the roof of Notre Dame, Sabretooth gave Gambit an ultimatum: the lives of Genevieve and Henri, or the pendant. Gambit gave the pendant to Sabretooth, who dropped them both. Only being able to reach one, Gambit saved his brother, letting Genevieve fall to her death. With her last breath, Genevieve told Gambit that she really did love him and would have given him the pendant if he had only asked.

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