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The energies of the DC Universe were being altered. In Genesis, a four issue cosmic crossover event written by John Byrne and drawn by Ron Wagner, with covers by Alan Davis, the Flash was losing his speed, Green Lantern's ring was malfunctioning, and Captain Marvel had lost his magic. All over the earth, Super heroes' powers were going haywire, and only the gods knew what was going on. The planet's heroes gathered to ponder their current situation, but found their world attacked by a panicking alien armada. Then, just as the violence was about to escalate, Highfather of the New Gods appeared before the assembled forces and explained the situation.

The Godwave, the force that created all known life in the universe, had passed twice across the universe - creating gods and planets on its first pass, and superhumans on its second - an dit was now contracting. A natural force of power, the Godwave was preparing to explode outward and erase all life in the universe. The only way to stop the grand extinction was to send a small party of heroes inside the mystical source itself to combat the threat. As the citizens of Earth rioted and despaired, a band of heroes led by New God Takion journeyed beyond the walls of teh Source and helped remake the entire cosmos.

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