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3000 Strong

The process used to create the base Insecticons only had a 1/1000 chance of being successful. Each failure resulted in the creation of a mindless monster and the whole lot of them were dubbed "The Swarm." 

A Hunting Season in Flux

During the All Hail Megatron Saga, two Insecticon Swarm scouts approached the location the Autobots had decided to make as their temporary base when they were banished to Cybertron. One of them encountered Drift, and took up two panels of the page just staring at him. When it decided to attack him, it only got to so much as a menacing hiss before Drift swiftly cut off its head. The other attempted to sneak up behind Drift, but the samurai Autobot simply tilted his head to the side, allowing Preceptor to blast the scout's head off.
Later, one generic Insecticon Swarm member used a dart-gun weapon built into its hand to hit Preceptor with a dart which took him out, and it nearly got blasted for its efforts. 
When Ironhide was roaming Cybertron after his mysterious revival, one member of the  Insecticon Swarm ambushed him and tried to make a meal out of him, but only got a facefull of blaster. Another Swarm member attacked Ironhide shortly after, but this one recieved a facefull of pummel-ization, courtesy of Ironhide's fists.
During Ironhide's big fight with the main force of the Insecticon Swarm, one Swarm member sliced off part of Ironhide's gun and got punched in the side of the head and in the mouth. When Ironhide reached the Wreaker's ship, he found two strays from the Swarm inside. He blasted one's head off and rammed the other's head against the wall.

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