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X-MEN: REVOLUTION!  A bold new era for the X-Men begins!  They're young mutants trained to survive at any cost in a world that fears and hates them. But survival isn't enough for them and the world that they want. Learning of the quiet removal of supposed "troublesome" pupils from schools across America, Generation X, their ranks thinned from six months ago, seek out the source of the pattern that's spreading like a cancer across the nation. What they find was only hinted at by the horror stories that have leaked onto the Internet.... what they find, in the heat-scorched lands of California, is The House of Correction.  This issue marks acclaimed writer Warren Ellis' return to the Marvel Universe since his stints on EXCALIBUR, THOR and WOLVERINE. Known for his current work on The Authority, Planetary and Transmetropolitan, Ellis won the 1998 Don Thompson Award for Best Writer, and was featured as one of the most creative people in Entertainment Weekly's 1999 "It List." The new team is rounded out by co-scripter Brian Woods (Channel Zero) and penciler Steve Pugh (Superman Vs. The Terminator).

This isn't the main plot, but just to explain the presence of many A-list Marvel superheroes in this comic: Generation X #63 also featured "Fast Lane" Part 4 of 4.

In "Fast Lane: Back On Target," Spider-Man (much to his surprise) is aided by Iron Man, Storm, She-Hulk, Thor, Wonder Man, Captian America, Spider-Girl, Wolverine, and the Fantastic Four in a very brief (two page spread) appearance. Oh, and Mysterio appears in one panel on the next page.

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