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In an alternate dimension, within the Citadel of the Universal Amalgamator, Dirt-Nap has tried to ingest M-Plate, but the merged being is too much for him and he explodes.  In the midst of the mess sit the now separated Emplate and the twins Nicole and Claudette St. Croix.  Emplate turns to try to reabsorb Nicole, but is fought back by Banshee, Jubilee and Chamber.  The mutant Gaia, whom M-Plate had hoped to use to trigger the Universal Amalgamator to merge the consciousnesses all all beings, warns Synch that Chamber's plasma bursts could damage the Amalgamator, but too late.  A stray blast causes the citadel to start coming apart.
The mutants seek a means of escape, as Elwood the Pooka appears with his floating trans-dimensional locomotive.  While Emplate and D.O.A. leap through a dimensional portal, the mutants board the train.  However, Synch stays behind determined to free Gaia.  Penance leaps out to retrieve Synch, but the train passes through its portal.  Gaia is unchained, and she leads Synch and Penance to another portal hidden beneath the plinth upon which she was fettered.
In the Biosphere of the Massachusetts Xavier School, Skin and his fellow students enter a portal in the trapdoor of the tree-house to access the station at which Elwood's train quickly arrives.  Banshee and his charges emerge from the locomotive, which then continues on its way, as Elwood tells them of another portal in the back of the local diner.
There, Gaia, Synch and Penance burst out just as the local punks Dorian and Weasel try to find cash to steal.  Gaia runs out, shouting about her freedom, and Penance gives chase.  Synch, however, is waylaid by the toughs, and pummeled repeatedly.  
Sean , Emma, Jubilee and Skin drive toward the diner when they come upon the beaten and bloodied Synch lying in the road.

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