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In the Biosphere of the Xavier School for Gifted Youngster in Massachusetts, Sean Cassidy, Emma Frost and the students search for their missing friend, Tracy Authier, who has been captured by a mystic entity called the Token. Though they are also concerned about their missing teammates, M and Synch, the group split up into three teams in order to cover more ground. Jonothan Starsmore and Jubilation Lee discover a previously unseen hedge maze, and within it meet Elwood the Pooka, a human-sized talking weasel.

In the town nearby, Dorian and Weasel, two local punks, coerce a young boy, Eamon, to sneak into a back window of Mr. Timmons' convenience store to steal cash. They are quickly discovered, the punks by Police Chief Authier (Tracy's father), and Eamon by Mr. Timmons. As Authier arrests Dorian and Weasel, Timmons, knowing Eamon is good kid, offers him a job. Before Authier leaves, he asks Eamon if he knows where Tracy might be, and he suggests the Xavier School.

Back in the Biosphere, Elwood provides a strange bouncing vehicle and tells Jono and Jubilee that he can help lead them to Synch. They agree to join the Pooka, and they warp to the Manhattan building housing the offices of Landau, Luckman and Lake.

At Xavier's, Chief Authier enters the Biosphere, carrying the carcass of the rat-like mutant Dirt-Nap whom he just shot. Sean takes the rat to "dispose of it". Emma and the students are asked by the police chief if they know the whereabouts of his daughter, but to avoid trouble, they feign ignorance.

Sean, Paige Guthrie and Penance are about to drop Dirt-Nap in a garbage can when he begins to talk. He was missed by Authier's shot, but played possum. While Dorian and Weasel observe from the back of the police car, Dirt-Nap claims he can lead the mutants to Synch. Dirt-Nap activates his lepton imploder, and they enter a trans-dimensional portal. Simultaneously, in the offices of Landau, Luckman and Lake, Elwood leads Jono and Jubilee through the portal there.

In another reality, M-Plate, the merged identity of M and Emplate, and her allies transport Synch to her goal: the Universal Amalgamator. There, she intends to use Synch's powers to merge all the consciousnesses of the multiverse into a single mind.

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