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If dreams could come true…

This issue contains two stories.

"Oh, Now I Get It..." - The missing Generation X kids, Husk, Chamber, Synch, M and Skin, find themselves in a relatively pleasant situation: Chamber's body is again whole; Synch and Jubilee run a ship-board day care; M's brother Darius is human. Skin, however, doesn't buy into it.

Meanwhile, in Bastion's New Mexico complex, a sympathetic Daria begs Jubilee to eat.

Back aboard the ship, Glorian reveals himself to Skin as the creator of the fantasy the Gen X'ers are living. Skin denies there's anything he desires, and the angry Glorian ends the illusion, while giving Skin one thing he did want: the quintet are sent to the L.A. barrio that is Skin's home.

"Ye Double Feature" - Aboard a Frost Industries jet over the Pacific Ocean, Banshee reveals to Emma Frost his memories of Krakoa the Living Island. As they comfort each other, worried about the fates of the missing students, they reach the coordinates where Krakoa once was, finding only the empty ship raised from the depths by Glorian.

Meanwhile, at Bastion's base, Jubilee breaks free of her restraints and stuns Daria. Triggered by the attack, Daria's body releases a swarm of nanotech 'bugs' programmed to seek out mutants.

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