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Emplate attempts to get revenge on the young mutants of Generation X by releasing his version of the "Hellions" (though he never actually calls them the Hellions. They were only reference as Hellions in advertisment). He and his team fail miserably losing their first and only battle, thanks to Jubilee's creative taunting (the "Top Ten Reasons why Emplate is a loser" mentioned in the title) and Bishop's timely arrival.

Bishop’s future was over run with ‘Emplates’ - genetic vampires that were the scourge of his era. They all traced from Emplate. Bishop particularly hates Emplate as his sister, Shard, was killed by an Emplate. Only her brain pattern was rescued and downloaded into a hard light hologram, that later became an independent photon based lifeform and joined X-Factor.

This is the first appearance of Emplate's team. They appeared again in Generation X 57, with the addition of Nocturne and Wrap.

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