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Mondo has Illyana contained within his chest, but she is being consumed and time is running out. Husk and Vincente disguised as Quietus are about to execute their fellow team mates on Sugar Man's orders.
Mondo is transporing Illyana Rasputin out of the mines using the form of a guard. Timing is ticking, as Mondo has hidden Illyana inside his body and is consuming her by the minute. 
Above them, Sugar Man has cornered four of Generation Next and demands Quietus (Husk and Vincente) to kill Chamber. With no choice, they blast him in the head, but it does little to satisfy Sugar Man. Their cover has been blown and Sugar Man uses his deadly tongue to piece Husk's false body of Quietus. The game is up and they all reveal themselves. Sugar Man orders his underlings to attack and just as they dive for the young mutants, Chamber explodes his chest and reveals that he used his psionic power to fool everyone in to thinking Husk killed him. In the ensuing battle Vincente is knocked unconscious.
Colossus arrives and orders them all to find Illyana at once and extract her from the core immediately. Sugar Man hears this and decides to burrow his way underground to find out just what the reason is that the young X-Men decided to come on this suicide mission.
Down under, Mondo fights of several guards after blowing his cover and comes across the little girl Ace again. Ace begs him to take her with him and he sympathetically obliges. Just then, Sugar Man's tongue pieces Mondo's abdomen and Illyana pops out of his chest. Sugar Man has Illyana though not for long as Colossus falls straight on Sugar Man's head. He subsequently stamps and punches Sugar Man to a pulp.
The battle has become fiercer and all the human slaves are now fighting toe to toe with thier captors. The Generation Next team's escape seems all the more insurmountable. The team are attacked from behind but Shadowcat, who had been hiding in Colossus body, jumps out and deflects the enemy's attack. The team is hit and split, and Colossus takes the executive decision that Illyana must come first. He orders Shadowcat to transport him and Illyana to the surface, leaving the team defensless underground. The young members of Generation Next are all but doomed, but Colossus, convinced his wife and sister now safe, decides to go back and try one more time to save them.
He is unsuccessful and the team are left to fend for themselves. The story continues in X-Men Omega.

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