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The Generation Next team have infiltrated Seattle Core on a mission to find and extract the mutant sister of Colossus, Illyana Rasputin. Husk and Vincente are disguised as Quietus, the foreman of Seattle Core, Skin and Chamber are disguised as guards and Mondo is traveling underground to the child labor camp.
Skin and Chamber witness a guard indiscriminately kill a child's father for simply offering his daughter some food. Skin has to pull Chamber back or risk them both revealing their identity and blowing cover. Mondo, also a witness, cannot hold back and destroys the balcony the guard was posted at and he falls to his death.
Meanwhile, Husk and Vincente have reached Quietus' office and are skillfully keeping up the appearance that they are the administrator of the facility. Sugar Man pays Quietus a visit, and Husk believing their disguise will be seen through cleverly hides in the shower to hide the "stench" that Sugar Man would smell through to reveal their true identities. According to Sugar Man, Apocalypse has gained intel on an X-Men led mission to break into the core and wanted to discuss this with Quietus.
Colossus and Shadowcat are poised to phase down into the underground mining facitlity and complete the final phase of the mission. Know-it-all, M counter version, contacts Kitty and Colossus to provide an update on the teams progress and warns them that Skin, Husk, Chamber and Vincente have all been cornered underground. Sugar Man has been told by one of the guards that Chamber and Skin are not security but infiltrators. Sugar Man demands Quietus execute them in front of everyone.
Mondo, now 6 miles underground, saves a falling Ace before finding Illyana.

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