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The Generation Next team led by Colossus and Kitty Pryde attempt to infilitrate the Seattle Core, where Sugar Man runs a child labor camp. Their mission - rescue Colossus' sister Illyana Rasputin.
Skin and Chamber hijack a scheduled bus used by the security at the Seattle Core, and kill two guards in the process. Colossus and Shadowcat are surveying the perimeter of the core when an "undercloak", a perimeter guard that hides among the shadows on Sugar Man's orders, nearly kills Shadowcat but is saved by Colossus.
Meanwhile, in a downtown spa, Husk, pretending to be human, is "attending" to the needs of a customer called Quietus, the administrator of Core Seattle. After being invited back to Quietus' place, Husk prepares them both a drink and Quietus begins to hit on her. However, Quietus has a device which can detect mutants and discovers that Husk is not who she appears to be. But it is too late as Vincente, having turned into liquid and been drunk by Quietus, returns to solid form and Quietus explodes. Husk and Vincente search through his files for intel on Illyana.
Mondo clears the entrance to the core, as Vincente together with Husk disguise themselves as the dead Quietus to gain entrance. Upon entering, and receiving a single from Starsmoore and Skin, they venture further into the core.
Deep below in the mining camps, Illyana and Ace survive another day.

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