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Enter now: The Age of Apocalypse 
A new team created by
Magneto and led by Colossus is about to embark on a suicide mission, but one that has grave importance for the future of this world. On Magneto's orders the team must infiltrate the child labor camps to rescue Illyana Rasputin.
Chamber, Husk, Skin, Vincente and Mondo are in full training combat. There team has just been assembled by Colossus on the orders of the X-Men leader Magneto. Colussus steps in to deal some damage and teach the team a grave lesson - kill or be killed. Husk uses Colossus' speech as an opportunity to attack from behind, releasing a bio-organice techno acid to severely damage Colossus. Shadowcat, enraged, attacks Husk and the rest of the team swoop upon Kitty Pryde. The fierce battle is broken up by a telepathic message from Magneto - Colossus and Shadowcat have been summoned.
Magneto has taken to heart what the strange futureman Bishop has told the X-Men and reveals to the two how Nightcrawler are verifying his words as they speak. Colossus is ordered to search out and rescue his sister Illyana Rasputin from the child labor camps of Core Portland.

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