Has anyone been reading the new "Generation Hope" monthly title?

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Opinions and feedback?

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@Ragelantern said:
Opinions and feedback?
Yes, I've been reading it.  and I think one other person...
It started off rather slow, but the past three issues have been rather good.  Overall, I like it...
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I couldnt agree more I'm glad they took the "mutant messiah" and did something with her because the build up too it was awesome, they do need to stick with a consistent penciling and coloring team though it seems like it keeps changing lol. How about the "schism" storyline?

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I'm a big fan of Generation Hope. I like the direction Gillen is writing these X-Books. The last issue was a real tear jerker. So far there has been a lot of emphasis on Primal and Zero. But overall, all characters are interesting and I am glad the main X-Men cast's are mainly restricted to supporting roles. I am excited to see how Gen Hope ties in with Schism!
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I'd rather have a New X-Men book.

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I like it. I'm not a fan of a couple of the characters but I like the others.

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It's turning into a pretty great title. The first arc in Japan was so-so, but since then it's been a consistently good read. The last two issues were excellent and some good groundwork is being laid for some pretty interesting storylines,  which if handled correctly will be awsome. Plus Zero and Primal are great new characters and it's also the only book recently that's made me laugh out loud (well, maybe X-Factor has too!). Definitely worth picking up. Reckon it will lead into some pretty important stuff for the X-Men next year.

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@Ragelantern said:

Opinions and feedback?

I like it but honestly it doesn't thrill me. 
edit: It would've been better, IMO, to have more interaction with established X-men instead of starting out with entirely new supporting characters.
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I've been reading it. I still hope to see Hope fulfilling her role as mutant messiah instead of coaching five young mutants.

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@Kairan1979 said:
I've been reading it. I still hope to see Hope fulfilling her role as mutant messiah instead of coaching five young mutants.
I hope we find out that she's nothing more than a fake messiah, add a twist in. Like Cable knew she'd destroy the world, as Bishop claimed, but needed to let it pass such that a better future could be born.
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These are all great opinions and feedback, I do agree that the first few issues are a little slow but I like that its a new X storyline instead of taking a few X men and creating a new monthly title. I do like that they dont have all the other X men involved in every page. I hope they stick with first team thats writing penciling and inking it, theres nothing I cant stand more than when they keep flip flopping the creative team. Yeah some of the other mutants on the team arent very interesting so I do hope that they make it more about Hope. I am very anxious for the schism tie in.

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Besides Hope, Zero is by far the next best character, I like how conflicted he is, he will be the first one to become a villian at some point.

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Every time I see the cover it looks like the O in hope is a y. So it looks like Generation Hype to me for some reason.

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@gravitypress Yes I do see what you are saying lol.
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I'm reading the series too, been following the whole thing since messiah complex. I'm digging everyone except transonic she seems kinda of annoying and pointless to me at the moment. I also like how they would go and find new mutant births or "lights", it was kinda doing the whole "monster of the week" sort of thing. I just think the series could use a bit more gravity to the events. The arc with the infant mutant was my favorite so far.

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I am curious what will be happening after Regen'

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@madrid_san: @Dernman: @Daycrawler: @Tempest55:

Can you recommend any issues or arcs that stand above the rest of the 17?

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