djotaku's Generation Hope #8 - The Ward , Part Three review

Less is More

This is an issue in which barely anything happens and yet it proves to be quite important.  Teon's parents want a court to compel him to be returned to them.  It's up to the X-Men and Generation Hope to prove that he's competent and should stay with them.  The Generation Hope crew also choose X-Men codenames.  I enjoyed the fact that one is spanish and the other comes from Santeria.   
The climax is surprising and the ending is extremely surprising.  Once again we see the Phoenix Force in Hope and we also see the Messiah motif taken a step further.  (Based on a Judeo-Christian Messiah)  I know that Uncanny X-Men 539 involves Generation Hope, I wonder if it follows directly from this issue.  Either way I'm very excited to see what happens next.


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