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Gen Hope #12 reviewed quick and spoiler-free

This is Kieron Gillien's last issue on this title (for now) I feel like he wanted to get a lot done with not enough space. I loved his issue 10, but this is nothing like that or anything that came before it. This is tying up lose ends and setting up new potential threads. This is an exposition issue and as an exposition issue I think it works really well. I enjoyed many of the scenes between characters that haven't quite become fully fleshed yet and are starting to show their colors and alliances.

Now lets think with your dollars as we are all strapped for cash these days.

Is it a crucial buy for Gen Hope newcomers? No. Gen Hope #13 has new writing, does plenty of reintroducing for anyone who wants to get onboard with this rocky but potentially awesome series. If you want to start Gen Hope... either go to straight to 13 or skip further back towards 10. IMHO.

Is this a good buy for anyone who has read Gen Hope thus far? Yes. There is some good closure in here you will want especially if you are taking it off your pull list. At least go stand in your local comic book store and read it there.

Last thought: Nate and Hope have one of my favorite Summers/Grey clan conversations ever. If you care about those characters... at least go find that exchange and have yourself a nice laugh.

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