djotaku's Generation Hope #12 - Half as Bright review

Slightly Unnecessary

This issue of Generation Hope was slightly unnecessary and it seems like the creative team was just trying to skip ahead to the next month after all the Schism and Regenesis stuff is done. The middle section of the book is lifted straight from Regenesis which was a bit cowardly in that they should have just told people to buy both books instead of reprinting it.

Things between Zero, Transonic, and Hope come to a head, but I'm not 100% satisfied with how it was handled. There is some explanation of certain characters leaving and joining the team and I'm curious whether or not these new characters will be affected by Hope the way the new lights are.

Cyclops is finally briefed by Kitty on what's going on between Transonic, Zero, and Hope - showing us that however clever they though they were being, at least Kitty was able to see what was going on. She's warned Scott and possibly set up the next big arc.

Velocidad finally gets some more pages and we get to see how his mutation is affecting him.

And there's a funny almost anime/manga moment between this Rock dude and Transonic.

Skip it or get it - it doesn't seem consequential, but they have set up some stuff in this issue that MAY become impotrant.


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