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Spinning directly out of Uncanny X-Men comes the most important new X-Book in years! When Hope Summers returned from the future she triggered the rebirth of the mutant gene.

Five lights appeared on Cerebra and five mutants' powers came to life, but their activations have been chaotic and dangerous, nearly killing each of them. It was only the touch of Hope that saved their lives. With Rogue and the four new mutants who were gathered in Uncanny X-Men, Hope heads to Japan to join Cyclops, Wolverine and the fifth light. But will this new light be a hero or a villain?

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Generation Hope #1 Review 0

    Kieron Gillen & Salvador Espin kick off the newest X-book. Hope and her ragtag group of new mutants along with their babysitter Rogue travel to Tokyo to meet up with Cyclops & Wolverine. One of my favourite parts of this issue is how every two pages or so the narration changes. I didn't think I'd like this at first, but ended up loving it. It gave a little more insight in how each character thinks and how they act. I also liked how their interactions were realistic and they aren't...

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Art of Light 0

As Hope and the 4 Lights rush into Tokyo´s heart in a Blackbird piloted by a shy and shadowed Rogue, Kenji Uedo (the 5th Light) starts to spread chaos throught the city in search of the freeing art. Gillen´s credits for this book are the cool narrative, based in the thoughts of the new mutants (the 5 Lights) and Hope´s herself, what sets the mood for the adventure and the conflicts arosing into their lifes: how to conciliate these new powers with their goals and objectives in life? For some, lik...

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