Kneel before Zod! (Man of Steel picture)

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First picture of Michael Shannon as Zod, seems he's covered in motion sensors so maybe they're going to do something like they did with Ryan Reynolds and his Green Lantern suit? 
Spoiler below

He's also present at the Kent's destroyed farm. So they might do a big fightscene there instead of the whole crashing to earth as a child thing we already know so well?

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Still wary about him as Zod. 

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@_Whisper_: I think he can do the sadistic side well. Just don't know if he fully gets him.
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Michael Shannon was the sh!t in Boardwalk Empire and just naturally seems to have a very menacing quality to him....he's going to make an awesome Zod

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@danhimself: Awesome Av! Optimus & megatron xD
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Hmm, looks pretty damn interesting. I sure hope this movie turns out well.

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@Aiden Cross: Cute butt....

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@Vision2.0 : Did this really need to be posted in here? How's about removing it and starting a blog if you wish to discuss it, I will be deleting it if you do not remove it. :) thanks

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@Vision2.0 : i don't see how this is relevant to a picture of Zod.... >_>
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Had his chance to remove it, have removed it myself..

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I'm still extremely nervous. It could go well, but it could go horribly wrong too

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