Could Viggo Mortensen Become ZOD?

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In less than a week we get yet another Superman movie rumor. This one is a bit juicier than Keven Costner maybe playing Jonathan Kent. The Hollywood Reporter is saying that producer Christopher Nolan and director Zack Snyder are getting close to casting the villain for the Superman reboot film. Who is at the top of their list? Viggo Mortensen for General Zod. 
If you've seen Eastern Promises, you know what a badass Mortensen can be. While this would be an incredibly cool casting choice, it hasn't reached the official negotiations stage just yet. Mortensen is currently in talks for Snow White and the Huntsmen at Universal. If he doesn't land that gig, he'd be available for Superman. If he does get it, maybe Universal and Warner Bros. could reach some kind agreement to allow Viggo to do both films. 
It was also reported that Snyder is not just looking at Mortensen and Costner but three female roles as well. I like that we're getting two casting rumors in the same week. Hopefully this means that Warner Bros. is making some headway in getting this film made. 
Mortensen has my support to play Zod. 

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It definitely wouldn't be a bad choice.

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He's a Zoddamn good choice--a Zoddamn good choice!

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Oh hell yes. 

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I can totally hear Mortensen say "Kneel before Zod!"

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He was In Lord of The Rings so I think he has the qualifications to play Zod, since Zod rocks.

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The man is a truly impressive actor.  He could certainly play General Zod.
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He's a very good actor and a good choice.
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This would be amazing casting but I thought the bad guys had already been confirmed as brainiac and luthor?

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Hellz yeah

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if he keeps that incredible facial hair heck yea Mortensen is a quiet actor though

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I think he'd be a great Zod 
but what does a guy have to do to get Metallo or Darkseid or Maxima or Parasite in a Superman movie? 
someone he can actually, oh I don't know......FIGHT?!

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 My reaction to this epic news  
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I hope this isn't just a remake of Superman 2. Braniac, please!

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Braniac would be AWESOME to see in a movie!!!! 
we've seen Zod twice now 
once in a movie, once in a series 
let's plumb a little deeper into Superman's 70 some odd years of history, shall we?
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@G-Man said:
Stolen. I'm stealing this.
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Viggo = Zod, gets my vote!

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@Primmaster64 said:


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Kneel before Viggo Mortensen.

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@Shadowdoggy said:

"I think he'd be a great Zod 
but what does a guy have to do to get Metallo or Darkseid or Maxima or Parasite in a Superman movie? 
someone he can actually, oh I don't know......FIGHT?! "

Zod can fight supes way better than metallo and parasite(probably even both put together),maxima is'nt a villian,and darkseid is'nt one of those villians who'll appear in the first movie.

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I was hoping for Bizarro =/

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This i could watch.

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@Shadowdoggy: Maxima is more of a love interest and it kinda too soon to use Darkside, maybe in the second movie.
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No. I like Viggo Mortenson but he was in Superman 2 and Lex Luthor has been in 4 out of 5 Superman movies. Showcase a wider range of Supes rogues starting with Brainiac. It's a reboot of Superman so now's the time to show off new villains to the general population who know about Superman but not his rogues gallery.

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I would love to see Zod in a new movie, Lex is a great villain(maybe the best), but I like to see someone who can go toe to toe with Supes, not just outsmart him. Either way I hope its better than the last movie, I grew up with the original movies and now I have kids I don't want them to have to live with a mediocre Superman movie.
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Viggo Mortenson as General Zod  ! 
Yes This Would Work
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That a BIG thumbs up from me!!
I new villain would be nice but Viggo as Zod would get me more interested for sure.

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@Primmaster64 said:


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That would only be freaking awesome.
Btw, Parasite is pretty underrated. If he wasn't so stupid, he'd be one of Superman's most dangerous villains.

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If this really happens, then perfect casting! 
But I'd like Brainiac, with Alan Rickman casted as him!
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He has my support, too

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 It happens. We understand.

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