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Brief History

General Wo first meets Captain America when he comes to Vietnam to barter for the release of an American helicopter pilot being held prisoner. The pilot named Jim Baker is a friend of Captain America and he vows to free him. Captain America is shocked to see that General Wo is a powerful sumo wrestler. The General wants to destroy his noble visitor and orders his soldiers to take both Americans and shoot them. The General tells his soldiers not to interfere once Captain America attacks him. During the fight, the General holds a stone statue above his head and is prepared to throw it at the Americans. Captain America is able to blind the General with his shield and the massive sumo drops the stone statue on himself. Captain America and Jim Baker manage to escape.

Years later, Captain America disguised as Crossbones comes to an AIM expo where a number of villains are attending. Batroc poses a challenge for Crossbones where he has to run the gauntlet on five fighters to prove his fighting skills. One of the fighters is General Wo but he is ultimately defeated.

Powers and Abilities:

The General is a powerful sumo wrestler and a skilled hand-to-hand fighter.

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