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Meltdown arranged nuclear "accidents", including Chernobyl, in order to absorb radiation. However he had trouble with the frequencies of the radiation and needed someone to metabolize it before properly absorbing it. He picked Havok for the job.

Major Story Arcs


For more information see: Havok & Wolverine- Meltdown

Wolverine: Underneath

After his battle with Wolverine and Havok, Meltdown died, his sight his memories and his mind dissipated. He ceased to be, but after some time his eyes reopened and he was in the Siberian desert, weak, dying and in great pain. He discovered his powers had changed and he could steal the life of small things. He started with the vulture that circled his body and slowly moved up to sewer rats.

Once he made it to New York City he discovered the Morlocks and the Dregs, and that is where he met Eva. He learned that he could use his powers to "kick start" the Morlocks mutations that had been stop on M-day. But in truth he was kickstarting there mutations so he could feed more off them.

He took Eva as his queen never knowing that he grew to hate him and what she had become. That was why Meltdown was surprised when Eva led Wolverine and Elixir to his headquarter with the plan to kill him. Wolverine tried but again he was powerless against Meltdown, and Elixir was forced to step in.

Elixir used his power to give all the radiation that Meltdown had given out back to him at once, making him weak and easy for Wolverine to finish him off once again.

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