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A hero in action
Donovan Wallace was a police officer, married to his duty; so much so, that his wife and his son left him. While trying to stop a war between rival gangs, Wallace swooped out to try to save an eight-year-old child from the crossfire. Wallace was shot in the back by a gangster, and was paralyzed from the neck down. He was brought to the local hospital, where he found himself roommates with a sick, elderly gentleman named Joe Jones.
Unknown to Wallace at first, Joe Jones was once the superhero known as General Glory, the spirit of America. Jones was a World War II hero who had the mystical ability to transform into a superhuman champion when he pledged his life to Lady Liberty. Jones revealed his identity to Wallace, and spent his time telling Wallace stories from his past. Lady Liberty knew, though, that Jones was going to die. Sensing Wallace to be a true hero, she transferred Jones’ abilities over to Wallace. Wallace became the new General Glory, gaining superhuman strength, speed, and the power of flight. Wallace regained the use of his body, and Jones reveled in General Glory continuing to live without him. Jones passed away contented, and Wallace took to the skies as the second General Glory.


The second General Glory was the creation of writer Paul Kupperberg. He debuted in Justice League Quarterly #16, published September 1994 (cover dated Autumn 1994). The story featured the death of the first General Glory, which included various flashbacks, each done in a different comic book style: the first story was heavily influenced by Jack Kirby’s art in Fantastic Four #1; the second story shown in a more traditional 70s Silver-Age art style; the third story reminiscent of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns; and the fourth story patterned after Rob Liefeld’s early Image work, especially Youngblood. The second General Glory’s outfit was almost identical to the first, with minor tweaks provided by artist Vince Giarrano.
The second General Glory would only get that one appearance before his off-panel death in the pages of Justice Society of America, written by Geoff Johns.

Key Story Arcs

Short-Lived Career

Donovan Wallace was only the second General Glory for a short time, however. Wallace moved to Redondo Beach, where he continued to be General Glory. He fell in love, and was set to be married. However, Wallace, his fiancé, and all the guests in attendance were ruthlessly murdered by a super-villain team called the Fourth Reich, under the orders of Vandal Savage. Savage sought to end the lines of all of the Golden Age heroes, including General Glory’s. Savage was eventually defeated by the Justice Society of America.

Powers and Abilities

General Glory in flight
When he invoked the name of Lady Liberty, Donovan Wallace transformed into the second General Glory. The transformation was instantaneous, and General Glory appeared in full costume. General Glory possessed superhuman speed, strength, and endurance. He was capable of lifting a tank off the ground. He was impervious to most small arms fire. Unlike his predecessor, the second General Glory could sprout golden-colored winds from his back, which would enable the general to fly.

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