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Brief History

The oldest child of Flash Thompson and Felicia Hardy. Gene like his father grew up the athlete and the over protective brother of his younger sister, Felicity. Following the divorce of his parents, Gene focused on sports and other jocks to take off the circumstances that lead to his parents' divorce. Later transfering to Midtown with his sister, Felicity. Gene quickly became attracted to May Parker thanks to her spending time with Felicity. The two soon grew romantic and started dating. However, Gene felt that May's focus on student council and not sports or any other type of activities would take her away from him. He started sabatoging several campaign posters and other promotions to get her to drop out. Which she did due to her costume life.

May still does not know about Gene's activities in her smear campaigns. However, before she could Gene broke up with May saying that she never put him first in their relationship, which is why he caused the smear campaigns in the first place. May recently took him back, telling him she would make time for him now. After Wes Collins found out about Gene Thompson smear campaign against May. He faced him before Gene punched him, telling him not to tell anyone. Eventually May came after Gene after he had beaten up Wes and ended up revealing by accident what the fight was really about. May's break up with Gene and left him alone on the football field. He then turned to dating Simone DeSantos for a brief time but their relationship fell apart when April Parker showed up in their lives. Gene's smear campaign against May to force her to focus on him more has recently become public knowledge. Which has put him at odds with his father and most of May's friends. While Simone still has feelings towards Gene. His antics have turned things off for her.

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