How are the new issues (2006 Wildstorm)?

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Hi everyone,

How are the new Gen 13 issues? I just heard about them a few month ago an tried to purchase the first issues, but its hard to find a vendor in Germany selling them. Last week I found a merchant, but the prices are dizzying high. (15€ ore more per issues, that are more than 20$) But I am a fan and if the comic is worth the price I'll pay it. So tell me the new comic is good. ;)
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I've been out of the collecting game for a while but I plan on getting back in soon. The Gen 13 relaunch will be one of the first issues I snatch up so once I do, I will let you know Taken.

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completely missed this thread...


yeah, i'm enjoying the new Gen13 stuff so far...

it's not as 'wacky' as the old stuff, it seems to have taken a more serious turn, but it's good so far :D


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I like em. Gail Simone is just good.

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what the heck is going on in the new issues? i just got the second volume trade and everyone's talking like the new gen13 isn't supposed to exist like the reboot of the series actually took place in their reality...i thought i had the entire old series and the "new" series that followed it with the new team with fairchild leading them after the rest of the orginal gen 13 supposedly died but the way the new series goes it seems like this isn't a reboot but a follow up to the original series....anybody else thinking this? and what happened at the end of the old series the way the new one sounds it seems like the original team all died including fairchild at the end but i don't remember that

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I never read the original Gen 13 so I don't know. I do know that Gen 13 is going to stop at 20 and maybe pick back up again after Number of the Beast.

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number of the beast?

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It's an event that's going on, third in a series of minis after Armageddon and Revelations.

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dang i'm gonna have to pick those up...are armageddon and revelations minis themselves cause as it is right now i'm only buying trades?

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So I picked up the 4. Volume of Gen13 and read up to issue #17. Generally I like it. It is well drawn. The story is a bit more serious than in the 1st and 2nd Volume and I got somehow confused by the events in Tranquility (the town) with the Authoriteens. But apart from that, I like it, and I'm going to keep up with it.

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