Anyone an Expert?

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Seeing as I'm sure many people on the Vine read this comic, anyone want to work on the page cause even though I'm the biggest contributor on it I know very little...

Btw, if your wondering why the bio is erased it was plagiarized from Wikipedia, and has been for a long time, and everyone knew it, its just only now I finally took the liberty of deleting it.

Anyways, my point is, this page deserves some effort on it so if your a fan of the team, your knowledge is needed...

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no takers?? wow, that's surprising...and disappointing

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methos is someone I know has read the old stuff so he might help. PMing him personally is probably more likely to get his attention. I know the current stuff but I really don't have time to write stuff up.

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I don't think he has time either but I'll send him a PM...

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I've got most of the issues. Time to reread and collate it all is the issue. There's a lot of Wildstorm teams I hope to revisit and make more complete bios for. :)

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