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Grunge and Roxy watch a Hong Kong action film festival, inspiring Grunge to create his own action film.

Claiming that storylines are not critical in the current state of the film industry, Grunge makes up a plot for his film and describes it to Roxy, complete with product placement and mis-translations:

A Swordsman and his sidekick "Kiddo" (played by Grunge and Roxy) return to their village in historical China and find the villagers (played by Bobby and Sarah) massacred. They are attacked by the forces of the government (played by the DV8 team).

Grunge and Roxy are outnumbered and seemingly defeated by DV8, when they are rescued by a Shaolin warrior monk (played by Caitlin). With Caitlin's aid, Grunge and Roxy defeat DV8. Grunge discovers that the DV8 team is working for a villain known as "T.H.E.B.I.G.B.O.S!"

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