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A pleasant sailboat outing with the Gen13 kids unexpectedly degenerates into superhuman violence, corporate jet hijacking, neurochemical manipulation, and (worst of all) references to really, really atrocious songs from the '80s. Needless to say, this issue of GEN13 is all about pain and suffering.

Anna detects a corporate jet with a breached fuselage. As Burnout is the only team member present who is capable of reaching the plane, he races off to investigate.

The plane is being hijacked by Alan Walker, a Gen-active who can alter others' neurochemistry, and Melanoma who has a Gen-active hyper-evolving symbiotic skin cancer.

Walker incapacitates Burnout, but Burnout is able to resist and fights off Walker and Melanoma. Although Burnout doesn't realize it at the time, the attack by Alan Walker has disabled Burnout's telepathic ability.

Burnout meets Leslie who has been tracking the criminals. Leslie invites Burnout to a party for Gen-actives.

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