grifter78's Gen 13 #32 - Teenage Wasteland, Part 12 : End Of The Road (Sorta. Kinda.) review

End of the Road...sorta. kinda.


(No Spoilers)

Beatty did it.   I wasn’t sure if he could but he did it.   With this final issue in his run he gave a satisfying conclusion while leaving the door wide open for the new creative team coming in Dec. with #33.   I think what helped Beatty & Huddleston’s second arc (#27-32) was that they weren’t hindered by the World’s End backup stories (well, at least 4 of the issues weren’t).   The backup stories were good for the most part and they served their purpose but once this title shed them at #29, I feel Beatty was able to pack more story into the issues.   He linked this run back to his Number of the Beast series and even took the Gen 13 through a very unique run, doing something with them that has never been done with them before.   Other than Lynch in the original run, Gen 13 has never truly been mentored.   At least not like they were in this arc.   And it was cool who Beatty had mentor them (not telling) because it went along with their character.  

As expected though, the subplot with Rainmaker was not resolved.   But it was probably smart of him to leave it alone instead of trying to finish it with the issues he had left.   I’m sure Sarah’s fate will be revealed by the new creative team.   When Huddleston first took over as artist for the title, I have to admit I wasn’t a fan.   But I grew to love his style and the fun little things he’d insert into the panel.   I hope people will pickup the trades where you can get a good sampling of his art.  

Overall, I think Beatty & Huddleston had a decent run on Gen 13.   I feel the second arc was definitely stronger than the first, but they successfully brought the kids into the World’s End landscape with new foes, new allies, and even new costumes!   I look forward to what Phil Hester does with newcomer artist Cruddie Torrian beginning next issue.   Now if only we can get this title away from a bi-monthly schedule and back to monthly.   Now that would be cool.  

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