grifter78's Gen 13 #30 - Teenage Wasteland, Part 10 - A Town Called Malice review


(No Spoilers)

A very cool issue by Beatty and Huddleston.  Beatty has been involved with the Wildstorm Universe since Wildstorm Revelations and Number of the Beast.  So each of his comic runs so far have built upon the stories that came before.  The same is true here as Beatty brings elements from Number of the Beast (which I won’t spoil) but it is a very cool direction for the Gen 13 kids.  I also feel like I’m finally getting a good chunk of story.  The backup stories are officially over so every WSU issue will have longer stories now.  This is evident in this issue as we get three acts- 1) Fairchild’s dilemma 2) Visiting the town called Malice 3) well, again, not going to spoil anything but a very cool third act.  The subplot with Rainmaker continues as she makes some interesting choices based on the hurt she feels right now.  We get even more insight into the Warhol Virus that creates the monstrous Incubites (see The Authority #11 for even more revelation about that if you haven’t already).  And new Gen 13 member Breakdown is a great addition to the team.  I can’t believe the team has been around so long without any new members coming along (well, not any official members like Breakdown is).  I hope the bi-monthly schedule does not allow people to forget about this title because it’s finally found some strong legs storywise.  Now the cover to #31 (out in August) makes more sense and I’m anxious to see where the team goes next.


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