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Gen 13's World is Ending...

This Issue:
Our team of young superpowers try to work their way out of the building they found themselves flung to the future in.  Unfortunately for them, there seems to be a group of superhuman hating zealots living on the bottom floor.
I'm not really sure where this is going anymore.  This whole World's End thing at least.  When I looked this up to write a review of it, I noticed that the following issues don't carry the "World's End" tagline on their covers.  Does it end after this?  I almost feel like this is just the fluff and the real story, or at least the one that's going to resolve the World's End storyline, is in the back of the books, the one starring the Team 7 members.
Well, regardless, I did kind of enjoy this story, even though it was awfully convenient for the story that Gen 13 just happened to wander into these guys in the same building.
I actually have nothing bad to say about the art for once.  At first I thought that it might be a little too cartoony for a post-apocalyptic story, but then I had to think about who this magazine was geared towards.  I"m 28 years old, but the comic is geared more towards kids in their late teens.  Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy this comic at 28, but I almost feel like it's aimed at a younger crowd than the other books in the World's End storyline.
Of course that might just be me.
Final Verdict:
Good art and a good story, even though it was a little too convenient on certain things.  Four out of five!  
Until next time...

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