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Gemini first appeared doing battle with a super villain named Rumble. During the battle his actions were being monitored by a small group of people in a secret location using  implants. His handlers all use code names which are 22, 46, 67 and 91 who has just joined and this is her first mission. After he defeated Rumble it was explained that Gemini is an super hero agent who works for a group called the Constellation. However Gemini is programmed so that when in his Gemini persona he is unaware of his true identity and only believes he is Gemini until deactivated. After he was ordered to return home and sleep he was revealed to be Dan Johnson and despite his large build he lives a very normal life with friends and works in a cubicle. While having lunch with a friend he was called by his handlers and activated to respond to a battle going on near by between a group of villains and heroes. After transforming into Gemini and arriving on the seen he helped the heroes Venture and  Lunabattle the villains FreakoutBludgeonRadiaTorment and Deadweight.  
After defeating the group he had a short chat with Luna who he finds attractive. He begins to leave the scene when he hears a woman scream despite protest from 22, 91 suggest he be let to investigate. He finds a woman being abused and although he stops the man she then shots him in the head with a shot gun. 

Although 91 believes him to be dead the others are not worried and his head soon regrows however as his head was destroyed he has no mask and is still in Gemini mode. He is dazed an confused as he does not know who he is and only believed himself to be Gemini. He begins to wander the city in his daze and 22 goes to get help. He asks another group of handlers to activate another nearby agent named  Lynx to bring in Gemini for repairs. In his wondering he runs in Luna again recognising his costume. The two talk again, but it is interrupted by the arrival of  Lynx who does battle with the two in an attempt to capture Gemini. After the battle Gemini returns to his home and finds a strange unknown women who speaks his activation code.      

The Truth 

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