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Geko is a reptilian/humanoid hybrid that work's with Solen Cagliar and Mandelbrot. He was sent to steal the Thinktank from the Split-Second Squad. He successfully entered their facility at Mount Syber U and was too much for most of the rookie members of the Split-Second Squad to stop. He took the Thinktank back to Cagliar.

Powers and Abilities

Super Strength - Geko can crush a man's head in his hands.
Super Agility - Geko is extremely agile and this is amplified by his prehensile tail. He can jump extraordinary heights and cling to walls.
Bile Ducts - Geko secretes acidic saliva that can melt through flesh and metal. He can drool it out or create a ball which can be thrown.
Speed - Geko is so fast he can barely be seen. This makes him extremely stealthy.
Durable Skin - Geko's skin is extremely tough. Plasma bolts bounce off of his skin. It is also very slimy, so he is hard to hold. His weaknesses are at the joints of his body.
Regeneration - Geko has shown the ability to regrow his tail when it was cut off.

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