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Brief History

Lady Gayle Edgerton was born into a high class London family. As a teenager, she was neglected and as a result, she did stunts like dating the rocker named Jonothon Starsmore to gain her parents attention. She fell in love with him and they became lovers. Later, at a party, she and Jonothan went off to the jacket closet to have sex. Unfortunately for Gayle, his powers first manifested at that exact moment. Gayle tried to help him, but in the explosion that resulted from Chamber's powers, Gayle became paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. She awoke alone in the hospital, with no message from Jonothon . As time went on she grew irate, believing he had used and deserted her. She made a deal with Emplate to give her the same powers he has. She remained in London, waiting for Emplate to return and put their plan into action. She became an agent of Emplates " Hellions.” She captured Chamber for Emplate, but the villain betrayed her and buried her with Jono. She figured out that she was being doublecrossed, and turned on Emplate. He took back her powers, but she fixed her relationship with Jono.

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