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His past is a mystery but he gained his power thanks to a man named Kenneth Irons. He has received some mystical tattoos on his body that raised him above normal human levels. After that he started his sect, Prosperity. He was once contacted by Grigorieff, who wanted a certain stone. Gavin Taylor knew where the stone was, it was in the hands of Kenneth Irons, and the stone was a part of the Witchblade. Taylor led Grigorieff and his henchmen to Irons house and claimed the stone by means of a threat. When Grigorieff realized his plan and turned Dayaks into monsters, Taylor started to fear for his life. With the help of Lucien Barnes he reclaimed the Witchblade stone and returned to earth. He returned the stone to Irons, but this did not raise his standing with him anymore. Kenneth Irons took over Taylor's role as a spokes-person in the First Church of Holy Prosperity. About the same time things were turning worse for Gavin Taylor: detective Jake McCarthy took personal interest in bringing Gavin Taylor to justice for murdering his childhood love. Gavin Taylor was arrested at the end thanks to a tip Kenneth Irons gave Jake, Gavin went a little crazy during the interrogation and begged to be locked up.

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